We are thinking about the definition of easy-to-understand communication.

On this page you can read our thoughts.


Toughts on easy Communication

Easy-to-understand communication has been used for a long time.

We are writing this website with experts by experience.


Experts by experience opinion

about easy-to-understand communication:

– It simplifies things.

– Things are easier to read.

– There are many images in the text that help the idea.

– It is hard to watch texts on the Internet.

– Good if something is easily understood.


Zsuzsa Németh’s expert opinion:

An easy-to-understand communication makes the text more understandable.

The text contains the essence and I know what it is about.

In the easy-to-read text are included images.

It let me see what the subject is about.


I read about easy-to-understand communication.
I talked to experienced experts.
I thought of the concept of easy to read communication.


Definition of easy to understand Communication

Easy-to-understand communication is the display of content units of information appearing in the common language or at a more complex language level, or the development of independently created information content in a simple, clear form for understanding information (Rita Farkasné Gönczi here on the website, 2017, lc. 2018, modified 2021). Easy-to-understand communication is communication that uses linguistic and non-linguistic signs in many cases along specific rules. Easy-to-understand communication uses each language’s own linguistic and non-linguistic cues to develop and convey the message. Unique application means that the level of comprehension of the people involved in the communication determines the level of communication that is easy to understand and adjusts the range of applicable grammatical and other rules accordingly. Participants in easy-to-understand communication consciously or spontaneously apply the rules of message formation that appear in the communication situation (Rita Farkasné Gönczi, 2021).

The above text with easy to understand:

Definition of easy to understand Communication


The easy-to-understand communication provides information.

The information is shared by people.Easy to understand logo to definition

You can give your information easily, either

other people’s information can be transformed understandable.

We use language rules.

We use non-language rules.

Rules describe how to use easy to read communication.

The rules of easy-to-understand communication must be observed.

For easy-to-understand writing, you can also use images.

Images help to understand the information.


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